No String, Spoon, Tag, Mess or Paper Taste...
Just pure enjoyment.

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Just Stir it!


Why Tstix?

Tstix teas have a ‘wow’ factor–a completely new approach to tea making. The slim elegant Tstix shape has a younger, sexier and more stylish image.

NOW you can toss the old teabag aside!

Tstix Patented Technology and unique package won a prestigious WorldStar Packaging Award for Innovation. A true invention–designed to change the world of tea.

Tea is the world’s most popular drink, second only to water, with a history dating back thousands of years.

What the Chinese have known for centuries – tea can help cool you down on a hot summer’s day or warm you up when it is snowing, rainy or cold.

No Bitterness: The most common complaints about tea and teabags are “bitterness,” and “stewed flavor,” and, of course, “the mess.” All three of these problems are eliminated using Tstix™ BPA free and FDA approved Tstix™ special food grade film.

No tea dust: Open most teabags and you will see tea dust. Tea dust is mostly low-grade tea, and gives instant color which is why teabag companies use it. Tstix™ teas use full-leaf and CTC teas that bring out more of the true character and subtleness of each tea flavor.

Strong Tea. Weak tea. People who like a “lighter cup of tea” really love Tstix™. Those that like a “strong cup of tea” will need to squeeze the Tstix™ a few times to release more tannin bitterness and color. ‘Milk-in-tea drinkers’ will find they need less milk or no milk using a Tstix™ tea and still find the tea to their liking.

Tstix teas use tea leaf tea or CTC teas (refer to packs) that are designed to deliver flavor complexity.

Tstix brings style to tea with its elegant design and no mess features. Give it a stir!

Just Stir it!


If you hate the mess and paper taste of teabags, but love tea–Tstix are the answer.

Tstix are the new way to enjoy tea–no strings, tags, staples, no burnt fingers or fishing–you just place a Tstix in your cup, pour on the boiling water and stir your way to a perfect cup of tea.

Give it a Stir!

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