No String, Spoon, Tag, Mess or Paper Taste...
Just pure enjoyment.

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Just Stir it!


What is Tstix?

It’s an easier, better way to enjoy a flavorful range of teas. No strings, spoons, tags, mess or paper taste—just pure enjoyment. Give it a stir!

No more teabags. Leave the drips and mess behind.

Tstix Classic Black, Green and Fruit flavored teas are sourced from some the world’s best tea growing regions in India, China and South Africa, and packed and blended in the USA. Every tea is different, each flavor unique!

Tstix teas use a special film that is FDA approved as well as BPA FREE, so there is NO PAPER TASTE.

Look closely at a Tstix and you will see a diamond pattern of over 1000 micro perforation filter holes in every Tstix, designed to filter, infuse and deliver the clean pure non bitter taste of hot tea.

Give it a stir!

Stir it a little. Stir it a lot. Every Tstix acts as a stirring device. No spoons needed. Just stir it around, NOT up and down, and in just a few minutes your hot tea is ready. It’s simple, easy and fun—without the bitterness.

Mess? What mess?

Forget about messy teabags—Tstix teas are different! Tstix use Active-Infusion. As the dry tealeaves swell up and infuse the hot water, this unique action covers the holes–making Tstix teas virtually drip–free.


“I’m converted! I hate teabags. They either split, or I burn my fingers fishing them out of the water.”

“Wow, this is Cool. Who came up with this idea?”

“I usually drink black tea with milk, but Tstix teas are so smooth, that I like them even without milk.”

“The first time I tried to use Tstix, I thought you had to rip open the pack, then I saw all the filter holes and realized all you have to do is stir. I even counted the holes. There’s over 1000 in every Tstix. Amazing! You just stir it.”


If you hate the mess and paper taste of teabags, but love tea–Tstix are the answer.

Tstix are the new way to enjoy tea–no strings, tags, staples, no burnt fingers or fishing–you just place a Tstix in your cup, pour on the boiling water and stir your way to a perfect cup of tea.

Give it a Stir!

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