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No String, Spoon,
Tag, Mess or Paper Taste...
A good night’s sleep
that is yours to keep!
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Extra smooth mellow character

This Classic English Breakfast tea tea is sourced from the finest Assam tea growing estates in India. It has been specially selected for its body, smooth character and flavor consistency, making it an ideal Breakfast Tea to drink each morning with or without milk or sweetener.”

Featured Artist, Edison Salomon lives in the Philippines and is a self-taught artist whose greatest passion is drawing and illustrating characters. His Breakfast-T illustration is based on the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ in the Alice in Wonderland story book, written by Lewis Carroll in 1865 and illustrated by Arthur Rackman.


Earl Grey-T

Combines the distinct citrusy aroma and taste of bergamot, with the creamy taste of vanilla

In bringing the two great classic flavors of Bergamot and Vanilla together, this tea takes on a special aroma and distinct character – a careful balance of citrusy Bergamot with the smoothness of Vanilla”

Featured Artist, Michael Rossiter lives in Australia’s Blue Mountains and is renowned for his beautiful, pop-surrealist painting style, taking the viewer to a new escapist land of imagination with his fun, quirky individual characters and landscapes


Berry Bliss-T

Combines the tingling taste of wild berries in a magical swirl of fruity flavors

Berry Bliss makes a refreshing change to both delight the eyes and the taste buds. Drink without milk and savor the pure delicate flavors in the tea itself.”

Featured Artist, Mariana Kalacheva lives in Bulgaria where she has developed a unique painting style using oils on canvas. Mariana sees the world as having an inter-play of energy between people and their surrounds, and it is this vibrant energy that she captures and radiates through her paintings.



Pure, ORGANIC green leaf tea, with the refreshing taste of spearmint

Inspired by the country of Morocco where mint tea is a way of life, the refreshing taste of spearmint adds a freshness and vitality to the lightness of this specially selected green leaf tea.”

Featured Artist, Nicole Avezard lives in France and has a PhD in Fluid Mechanics. Nicole is a writer, story teller, a stage actress under her stage name, Lucienne Beaujon in the Comedy, “Vamps” and a renowned Painter and Artist. Her famous “Josianes” Plump Lady paintings express Nicole’s imaginative way of seeing the world through humor.



Pure ORGANIC green leaf tea

The flavor and aroma of tea is subtle, yet complex, and nowhere is this more apparent than in this delicate Classic Organic Green Leaf tea from China. Drink without milk and savor the pure delicate flavors in the tea itself.”

Featured Artist, Jennifer Cook from Montreal, Quebec, Canada is a strategic graphic designer, illustrator, lover of tea, nature and animals. She captured everyday life with positive quotes and playful illustrations in a series called ‘What my tea says to me’. Discover more of her creativity at


Lemon Lime-T

Feeling Tired? Got the Blues? This is the tea you need to choose.

An extra squeeze of lemon… some honey too… and then your tea is ready for you.”

Featured Artist, Iwona Lifsches grew up in Poland, but lives in Denmark. Her paintings reflect a “Naïve Art” style, where her stories are told with a childlike innocence through subject, shape and color. Here, while the Zebra plays the guitar, the Elephant and Giraffe dance. This is imagination at play.


Chai-T Coming Soon

A little Spice is Oh, so nice…

This is Chai-T with Ceylon Black Tea, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves. For even more flavor… Add some cold Cow’s Milk, Buffalo Milk, Almond Milk or Evaporated/Condensed Milk after the tea is made.”

Featured Artist, Nicole Avezard lives in France and is the Featured Artist on the Spearmint-T cup pack too. Here one of Nicole’s famous “Josianes” Plump ladies paints the black spots on the cow, while her other Plump ladies brush the cow’s tail and polish the cow’s horns.


Sleepy-T Coming Soon

A good night’s sleep that is yours to keep!

It’s time to Relax and get some sleep… To wash away the daily chores, for this time is surely yours… So just relax, sip and savor… Let Sleepy-T do you a little favor… A good night’s sleep that is yours to keep! Sleepy-T ingredients: Chamomile, Spearmint, Rosehips, Lemon Grass, Liquorice.”

Featured Artist, Lindy Longhurst lives in Australia and through her Dreams series of paintings and Mandalas, Lindy explores the conscious and sub-conscious worlds of dreams and meditations.



New Flavors
Coming Soon

ALL Tstix teas and infusions are sourced from tea estates in the world’s best-known tea growing regions in China, India and South Africa. Each tea is selected by a Tstix tea masters based on their aroma, color and flavor. Every tea is different and unique in its own special way, but ALL use the Patented Tstix package form to deliver the smooth taste of the tea itself.

Bringing Art and Tea together!

At Tstix® we love Art and Design as much as we love tea -

So we hope that you also gain pleasure from seeing the work of our Featured Artists.

The Tstix tea masters are constantly testing and tasting new and exciting tea flavors. Keep watching this website for new flavors. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the great range of Tstix teas that have been selected for you.

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